Grade 6 Questions & Answers

Here are the questions submitted by our incoming 6 graders. Want a question answered? Submit a question here and then come back to this page for your answer.

Khemia asks: How long are the classes?
Classes are usually about 45 minutes on regular days and about 35 minutes on Wednesdays.

Sharnell asks: How much time is there between classes?

Students have 5 minutes to leave one classroom and get to their next classroom. Don't forget: the gym and portables can be pretty far, so you may not have a lot of time to hang around and talk to friends before going to those classes.

Ari asks: Why do we have 7 periods?
We have to have enough periods so that all students can be in a class. Also, we can only have a certain number of students in each core class, so we have 7 periods to make sure we can fit all of our students in.

Dayven asks: Are PE/Drama/Classes fun?
Well, we can't guarantee that every class will be fun for you since everyone likes different things. We do know that our teachers work hard to have you participate as much as possible. We also know that students who try things (even if they don't like them) get better at their work and then start to enjoy it (or at least tolerate it) more.

Erionah asks: How do I manage all of my classes?
The most successful way to manage a class load is

Don't get behind!

As soon as you start missing assignments, you have to work so much harder. Remember... it's much easier to keep up than it is to catch up.

Rieana asks: How many activities can I participate in?
Most every student takes 3 electives, although some students who are in intensive classes will have fewer. The school does have sports, music, drama, and FFA, while the After School Program has even more activities, so it's up to you how much you participate.

Dylan asks: Why don't you have the same classes that you did last year? I really wanted to take something you no longer have.
Elective classes can change from year to year, mostly due to finding teachers that love teaching those classes. If we can't have a great teacher for it, we don't offer it.

Jada asks: What's the easiest way to cope with changing to middle school?
  1. Do everything you can to keep up with your work.
  2. Ask for help with doing classwork, making friends, getting lunch... anything you are not sure about.
  3. Talk to your parents and let them know how you are doing.
  4. Eat the best food you can, get plenty of sleep, and get some exercise.
Nathaniel asks: How much is lunch?
The prices for lunches can change based on what you buy, but they usually go from $3 - $5 dollars.

Amir asks: How do I get into athletics?
If you have PE, just ask your PE coach. If you don't, just ask your grade level office to get in touch with Coach Spencer. Don't forget that all students have to have a physical form filled out and submitted before they can try out for any sports. You can get that form in the grade level or front office.

Ashlyn asks: When do we go to the library?
Usually your language arts teacher will take you to the library as a class; however, teachers may give you a pass to the media center during their classes. You can always ask!

Jaime asks: Will I make it?
Of course you will! Changing to middle school can be scary, but realize that your parents, older brother or sister, or other older people you know made it. Don't forget that your teachers and staff are here to work with you to be successful, even if it is scary. Just ask us!