Basketball tryout FAQs

- How many days are basketball tryouts?

3 days

Monday -everyone Will return

Tuesday- First cut (top 50 will be selected to return Wed)

Wednesday - Second cut (25 will be selected to return on Thur)

Thursday- 8AM Morning tryout (players

Friday - 15 man and will be practicing.


- What time are tryouts?

Monday 4-6:30

Tuesday 4-6

Wednesday 3-6

*Thursday 8:20 9:10 for boys Girls 4-6

Friday TBD


- Can six graders make the team?

Yes. The team will be Comprised of 15 players that give OMS the best opportunity to be competitive, regardless of their grade level.


- How will the players be selected?

Players will be selected based on ability to dribble, pass, rebound, shoot and physical conditioning/athleticism. A rubric have been created to assess players?


Players must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA


- Do players need a physical to tryout?

Yes. Players must have a notarized OCPS physical form (from the current school year ) to tryout. If you’ve played for OMS this school year, you don’t need a new form.