Media Center Policies

Policies and Procedures

The Media Center hours are from 9:10 am until 4 pm. Before school, students may use the Media Center to check out books, read and work on class assignments.  During class students need a pass from their Language Arts teacher. Students can check out books for 3 weeks, and renew 1 time for 2 more weeks.


Fines are not charged for overdue books; however, additional books may not be checked out until overdue books are returned or paid for it lost. Fines are assessed for books that are returned damaged or not returned at all by the end of the school year. If a student owes books or fines to a previous school, the books and/fine payment may be paid on or turned into Mrs.Hipolito in the Media Center. They will forward it to the appropriate school. Only the school where the obligations originated may remove those obligations.


The Media Center houses many genres and book types. In trying to meet the needs of all students, some books may not be appropriate for all ages. To help students and parents make good choices, books that were purchased for a more mature student has a YA sticker located on the spine of the book. This label stands for Young Adult and may have more adult themes or language. Please talk with your student about what kinds of books are appropriate for them. If you have any questions please feel free to call the Media Center.

Reading Incentives

Reading Counts is the motivational reading program used by Ocoee Middle School. Reading Counts books are designated by a red sticker on the spine of the book. Both fiction and nonfiction books are included in the Reading Counts program. Students can earn prizes by successfully completing quizzes on Reading Counts books. Once students have read a Reading Counts book, they complete a quiz online. Students are allowed three opportunities to pass a quiz. A passing score on a Reading Counts quiz is 70 percent.  

Last updated 9/2022